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Does this sound familiar?

  • You can’t understand your teacher at all and am feeling frustrated
  • You’re lost in the class and don’t know how to catch up
  • You’re losing confidence in this class and want to give up
  • You’re normally a good student but for some reason, you’re struggling with chemistry
  • You spend hours trying to find the right YouTube video or finding practice exams
  • You’re studying a lot but am still getting poor grades

Now Imagine…

  A one stop shop with everything you need to excel in chemistry that you can access at any time

✅  Being able to easily diagnose your gaps and quickly learn how to do your homework

  Saving hours each week by studying chemistry more efficiently

  Understanding the material so well that you can help your friends

  Feeling confident walking into exams and getting the grade you want

  Actually enjoying chemistry because you understand it and are doing well in the class

If that resonated with you, then you’re in the right place.

How Conquer Chemistry Masterclass Sets You Up for Success

Quickly Learn Chemistry in Minutes, Not Hours

Short straight to the point videos for every single type of problems that teaches you what you need to know in easy to understand language. You’ll see many examples, learn shortcuts, and develop a deep understanding of the material fast. No fluff ever. 130+ videos and counting (new videos will be consistently added)

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Gain Immediate Confidence 

After the short video lessons, you’ll find worksheets with tons of problem for you to practice and to apply what you’ve learned in the videos.

Each worksheet contains step by step solutions in the end for you to check your work so you can confidently know you’re doing the problems correctly.

1000+ problems and counting with new problems being adding consistently.

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Get Ahead of Your Class 

Getting ahead has never been easier.

The video lessons and practice problems are all organized according the natural progression of the class that teachers typically follow.

Just watch the next couple of videos and you’ll leagues ahead of your classmates. 

Weekly Office Hours for Personalized Guidance

This is not just an online course. You’ll get personalized help from me.

Each week, I host a designated time to answer your questions. Gets your questions answered directly by me and learn from questions of other students. Submit your questions ahead of time. I’ll answer them during office hours and post the detailed solutions afterwards.


Prepare and Ace Your Exams with Curated Assessments

Following each unit, you’ll find multiple practice exams that will fully prepare you for your upcoming quiz, exam, or final. The exams are in all formats (multiple choice, free response, mix).

You’ll never run out of study material again. 

online test

In Addition, You’ll Also Get Access To

The Ultimate Chemistry Reference Sheet and Equation Guide

In this 40+ page guide organized by chapters, you’ll find all the chemistry equations, explanation of when to use which equation, visuals and flowcharts for the most important skills, and the necessary reference charts

Screen Shot 2020 06 30 at 9.31.15 AM

Semester 1 & 2 Skills Checklist

The beginning of each chapter includes a skills checklist that tells you exactly what you’re responsible for in the chapter and allows you to quickly assess what you know and don’t know in the unit. With these checklist, you’ll be able to easily monitor your progress. 

Screen Shot 2022 05 18 at 5.39.22 PM

You’ll Get Videos, Practice Problems, and Exams on 

Screen Shot 2020 06 30 at 9.27.26 AM

The first 11 chapters are currently available and a new section will be added every 1-2 weeks

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Michael! Since 2011, I’ve tutor over 550 students exclusively in chemistry, helping them achieve grades they’re happy with.

Throughout that time, I’ve noticed students asking the same questions and having the similar struggles. I’ve also noticed that teachers tend to test on the same type of questions on exams as well.

Finally, I’ve decided to put everything together into an online course that will help you conquer chemistry. Everything you need (short clear videos, practice problems, solutions, practice exams, etc), all in one place.



What past students say about working with Michael


  • Michael was hands down the most incredible teacher I have ever had (professors included). He takes the time to explain things in a way that is easy to understand, and helps you work through exam-type problems. Michael helped me improve my exam scores and learn new study skills that have helped me long past the semester we worked together.

    Annika K.

  • With Michael’s help, I felt extremely confident in the material and felt ready going into the final. I had never felt more prepared for an exam in my life. Without Michael, I wouldn’t have managed to pull out a solid A in the class. With Michael as a tutor, chemistry will not be as bad as it once seemed and may actually be pretty manageable.
    Arielle L.
  • Michael is a fantastic tutor and without him I would not have gotten an A in chemistry. He is precise and can answer any question you throw at him. He explained every concept clearly and better than my GSI could. Michael would go through each concept or question explain it in a way that made chemistry look easy. I’m really glad I found Michael.

    Jessica L.

  •  After getting a D on the first midterm and a 37% on the second, I really didn’t think I’d pass chemistry But after getting Michaels help on the third midterm and the final, I not only passed the class but ended the class with a solid B! (And got an A on the final!). 

    -Ashley C.

  • I wish I had started tutoring earlier! After receiving a below average grade on the second midterm, I felt extremely stressed and worried that I would not be able to pull my grade up. Deciding to do tutoring sessions with Michael was the best decision I could have made.With his help, I earned a high grade on both exams and pulled up my final grade significantly. 

    Kevina X.

  • Michael really is a true professional; he valued each minute of our session and would explain topics concisely and exactly. I would meet with Michael right before each midterm, and after the session I would feel incredibly confident going into the tests, which ultimately resulted in me getting an A+ in chemistry. Michael’s incredibly useful services has helped me gain immense confidence in myself, and he was also a confidant to which I could confide in my worries. I can’t thank him enough.

    Thomas L.

  • Michael was referred to me by a friend of mine who had received help from Michael, and had great results.  Chemistry is a class I have struggled in quite a bit, and Michael was there every step of the way. He demonstrated a lot of patience, and not only was willing to explain and re-explain, but also find other ways to explain things to help them make sense. I ended up getting a B in the class, which for someone like me is usually unheard of. A great deal of that grade is because of his help in this subject!

    Heather W.

  • It was very immediate to me that chemistry was like second-nature for Michael and that he truly understood the material. Not only did he explain concepts in detail to me, Michael also made sure to challenge me by asking questions about previous material we’ve covered as well as how I would arrive at the problem we were dealing with. He took the time to understand my approach to chemistry and coached me where I needed the most help. After only a few sessions with Michael, I saw my exam scores shoot up from low C’s to high B’s/low A’s. 

    Lina I.

  • My son's chemistry grade went from a C+ to an A-.

    My son loved working with Michael and the results were great. He looked forward to their sessions and particularly appreciated how Michael always met him where he was at, never making him feel badly or insecure. After working together for a little over a month my son's chemistry grade went from a C+ to an A-.

    My son's chemistry grade went from a C+ to an A-.
  • With his help I was able to get an A in the course

    I enrolled in an accelerated 5 week General Chemistry II course and halfway through the course I began to feel overwhelmed with both the amount and and pace of content. Michael helped me to understand difficult concepts. Prior to my meeting with him I was averaging a B but with his help I was able to get an A in the course overall.

    With his help I was able to get an A in the course
  • I was able to finish my chemistry class with an A.

    I cannot say enough good things about Michael! He really is the best chemistry tutor of all time. Thanks to Michael, I was able to finish my college chemistry class with an A. He is  kind and takes the time to explain everything you need to know in the easiest way possible but can also teach multiple concepts in one session.

    I was able to finish my chemistry class with an A.

Let’s Sum it Up

Here’s everything you’ll get in the Conquer Chemistry Masterclass

⚡️ Organized Course with Succinct Video Lessons, High Yield Problems, and Practice Exams

($600 value)

🚀 Office Hours for Personalized Accelerated Help from Michael

($400 value)

🧾 Ultimate Chemistry Equation & Reference Guide

($10 value)

✅ Chemistry 1 & 2 Skills Checklist

($40 value)

🙌 Confidence Knowing You’ll Do Well in Chemistry


😎 Happiness and Low Stress Learning Chemistry


Total Conquer Chemistry Masterclass Value: $1050

Total Conquer Chemistry Masterclass Investment: Only $37.42/month ($1.25/day)


Monthly Access


Everything you need to excel in chemistry through the next test

Ongoing subscription. Pause or cancel anytime.

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6 Months Access

$41.50/month (17% discount)

Everything you need to excel in chemistry for the semester

$249 due today ($45 savings)

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12 Months Access

$37.42/month (25% discount)

Everything you need to excel in chemistry for the entire school year

$449 due today ($139 savings)

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Your Alternatives

There are two alternatives but they are more costly and less effective

You can hire a tutor

Good chemistry tutors are extremely difficult to find and often cost $100+/hr. Plus you’ll be meeting with the tutor multiple times a month, which can add up to $400+ per month. This can be much more if the tutor isn’t efficiently teaching you the material. The tutor also will most likely just help you with your homework , but may not be helping you prepare for exams. What if you need help in between tutoring sessions? Where do you go? You’re most likely on your own. For less than the cost of one tutoring session, you can get on demand access to Conquer Chemistry Masterclass. $400+/month vs $37.42/month for everything you need to succeed in chemistry whenever you want. It’s a no brainer. 


You can try to find free material online

Sure, there is a lot of free information online. But there’s almost too much and you won’t know if the material is good or not. You’ll be spending hours and hours searching on YouTube and Google for helpful videos, problems, or exams. The videos you find may too long and leave you more confused than when you started. The information may also contain mistakes, which will hurt your grade if you apply the approach on your exams. The information is also fragmented and unorganized so you won’t have a clear roadmap. For less than $1.25/day, you can get access to the Conquer Chemistry Masterclass where you’ll find everything you need (video lessons, problems, worksheets, exams, personalized helped) organized into a clear roadmap. This is the same course I give my own students so they can make massive progress between their tutoring sessions.

As you can see, Conquer Chemistry Masterclass is extremely cost effective for the value you’re getting and can help you get extraordinary results.


Monthly Access


Everything you need to excel in chemistry through the next test

Ongoing subscription. Pause or cancel anytime.

Join Now

6 Months Access

$41.50/month (17% discount)

Everything you need to excel in chemistry for the semester

$249 due today ($45 savings)

Join Now

12 Months Access

$37.42/month (25% discount)

Everything you need to excel in chemistry for the entire school year

$449 due today ($139 savings)

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Frequency Asked Questions

  • After paying and checking out, you’ll be prompted to created a Teachable account. Log into your Teachable account and you should be able to access the masterclass.

  • Here’s how to best use the course

    1. Start with the chapter skill list to quickly assess what you know and don’t know
    2. Jump to the video that covers what you don’t know (you can use the search function on your browser)
    3. Follow along and work through the example as you watch the video. Write it down 
    4. Scroll below the video to find many practice problems. Do them following the steps presented in the video. Stuck? Scroll down some more to find a step by step solution of how to do the problem. Read over the solution and try the problem again
    5. Mastered that skill? Great! Move onto the next skill or get ahead of your class
    6. Still have questions? Email the question to me. I’ll be answering questions twice a week during office hours and posting the answers in the office hour section
    7. Have an exam coming up? Go to the exams section of each chapter. There, you’ll find multiple practice exams for you to work though and check your answers.
    1. Students submit their questions via email. The exact email will be shared in introduction module of the course
    2. Each week on Tuesday, I will be answering questions that students submit for 30 minutes
    3. The step by step solutions to all the questions answered will be posted as a pdf file in the office hour section of the course. Students will be able to search the pdf file for their question to find the solutions.

    *** To be fair to all students, I will only be answering 1-2 questions from each student per office hour

  • It depends on which plan you sign up for. The available plans include monthly access, six months access, and a year access.

    With the monthly plan, you’ll be able to pause the plan at any time. You’ll be charged before your month begins. Once you’re charged, you will be able to get a refund for that month.

  • Absolutely. The lessons are organized into chapters following the natural progression of a chemistry class. If you don’t know where to start, I recommend starting with the very first video in the chapter. The short videos and curated practice problems will have making tremendous progress and catching up in no time. 

  • Absolutely. You’ll learn the reasoning behind concepts and a bunch of shortcuts along the way. You’ll also get access the wide range of problems from easy to difficult.  By exposing yourself to a wide range of different problems, you’ll be much more prepared for your exams. 

You Have My Word

I’ve put my all into creating this course to make sure it packs the most amount of value and to make sure it has everything you need to succeed in chemistry. I will continually add new helpful videos, problems, exams, and contents so this resource will keep getting better and better. 

Let me show you how manageable chemistry can be and help you achieve your goals in your chemistry class. I want you to excel and I’m here for you.