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Need help with chemistry? Then you’ve come to the right place. This site was made with one purpose in mind: to help you conquer and ace chemistry.

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Get personalized help tailored to your specific learning style from an expert. Available to bay area students only.

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Distance isn’t an issue. Get personalized expert tutoring from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.


I realize not everyone can afford tutoring so I’ve created a very affordable all in one chemistry resource.

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Proven study tips for chemistry and beyond. These tips will help you become a better student in all facets of school. 

Meet Michael



UC Berkeley alum: 3.93 GPA

Specialized Chemistry Tutor

Specialized Chemistry Tutor

It’s the only subject I teach

Years Tutoring Chemistry

Years Tutoring Chemistry

11 years since 2011

Hours Tutoring Chemisry

Hours Tutoring Chemisry

Over 4000 hours

Grades Students Achieved

Grades Students Achieved

B- to A+

# of Students Tutored

# of Students Tutored

Over 450


What past students say about tutoring with Michael


  • Michael was hands down the most incredible teacher I have ever had (professors included). He takes the time to explain things in a way that is easy to understand, and helps you work through exam-type problems. Michael helped me improve my exam scores and learn new study skills that have helped me long past the semester we worked together.

    Annika K.

  • With Michael’s help, I felt extremely confident in the material and felt ready going into the final. I had never felt more prepared for an exam in my life. Without Michael, I wouldn’t have managed to pull out a solid A in the class. With Michael as a tutor, Chem 1A will not be as bad as it once seemed and may actually be pretty manageable.
    Arielle L.
  • Michael is a fantastic tutor and without him I would not have gotten an A in Chem 1A. He is precise and can answer any question you throw at him. He explained every concept clearly and better than my GSI could. Michael would go through each concept or question explain it in a way that made chemistry look easy. I’m really glad I found Michael.

    Jessica L.

  •  After getting a D on the first midterm and a 37% on the second, I really didn’t think I’d pass Chem 1A. But after getting Michaels help on the third midterm and the final, I not only passed the class but ended the class with a solid B! (And got an A on the final!). 

    -Ashley C.

  • I wish I had started tutoring earlier! After receiving a below average grade on the second midterm, I felt extremely stressed and worried that I would not be able to pull my grade up. Deciding to do tutoring sessions with Michael was the best decision I could have made.With his help, I earned a high grade on both exams and pulled up my final grade significantly. 

    Kevina X.

  • Michael really is a true professional; he valued each minute of our session and would explain topics concisely and exactly. I would meet with Michael right before each midterm, and after the session I would feel incredibly confident going into the tests, which ultimately resulted in me getting an A+ in chemistry. Michael’s incredibly useful services has helped me gain immense confidence in myself, and he was also a confidant to which I could confide in my worries. I can’t thank him enough.

    Thomas L.

  • Michael was referred to me by a friend of mine who had received help from Michael, and had great results. At first I was a little skeptical being tutored via skype, but I gave it a shot, and it turned out to be a great decision for myself. Chemistry is a class I have struggled in quite a bit, and Michael was there every step of the way. Skype allowed for the hours to be more flexible to accommodate our schedules, he makes great use of the program so you can see him, and also an additional screen to help work problems out on. He demonstrated a lot of patience, and not only was willing to explain and re-explain, but also find other ways to explain things to help them make sense. I ended up getting a B in the class, which for someone like me is usually unheard of. A great deal of that grade is because of his help in this subject!

    Heather W.

  • It was very immediate to me that chemistry was like second-nature for Michael and that he truly understood the material. Not only did he explain concepts in detail to me, Michael also made sure to challenge me by asking questions about previous material we’ve covered as well as how I would arrive at the problem we were dealing with. He took the time to understand my approach to chemistry and coached me where I needed the most help. After only a few sessions with Michael, I saw my exam scores shoot up from low C’s to high B’s/low A’s. 

    Lina I.

What you can expect from tutoring

Grade Improvements

Almost all students improve at least one letter grades. Many improve more than one.

Academic Confidence

When students start doing well in a class they’ve struggled in before, they start to develop confidence that they can do well in all classes.


As weird as it may sounds, students actually start to enjoy chemistry & find it interesting when they understand it.

There are other tutors out there. What makes Michael different?


Specialized Chemistry Tutoring

Unlike other tutors who teach every subject imaginable, I ONLY tutor chemistry. What this means for you is that I can explain concepts in multiple ways until you “get it”. With over 4000 hours of chemistry tutoring under my belt, you can be confident that I will be able to answer any questions you ask. I’ve helped students with problems ranging from those who were so far behind they didn’t know where to start to those who just couldn’t make the jump for a B to an A. And I can help you reach your goal.


Guidance Beyond Tutoring

I don’t focus solely on comprehension of the class material. Acing the class involves more than just understanding the material. Sure comprehension is important, but if you can’t apply the material, then your grade will suffer. If you can’t deconstruct a problem, and figure out which concept to use, your grade will plummet. If you can’t select the right answer among answers that all sound somewhat correct, your grade will drop. Etc. I help you improve on all these areas so that when the exam comes around, you’ll be ready to rock it. 


Learn How to Study Smart

I won’t just teach you chemistry. I will also teach you a study system that maximizes your efficiency so you finish your homework faster. Using this system, you’ll be able study less while still get good grades. Personally I used this study system at UC Berkeley and it allowed me to get a 3.93 GPA while only studying for two hours a day. This system is extremely easy to implement and it will help you get higher grades in high school and in college. Most tutors don’t even teach you basic study skills.

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