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🚀 Supercharge Your Progress 
in Chemistry

Go from feeling confused to feeling confident in 60 minutes with a leading top 1% tutor who deliver results.

Struggling with Chemistry? Here’s how I can help. 

🚀 Learn concepts 3x faster
I will teach you the concepts in simple straight-to-the-point language. There is no fluff. You’ll learn 3x faster compared to working with other tutors and you’ll be shocked at how much you’ll learn in just one session.

💬 Customized explanations to fit your learning style.
I will explain concepts in multiple ways to figure out your learning style, then I gear all my future explanations to fit your specific learning style. This is to ensure that you deeply understand the material and understand the “why” behind the concepts.

🧪 Access to High Yield Chemistry Resources
You’ll get access to the best chemistry resources with the highest yield. These are the resources that I’ve collected working with over one thousand chemistry students since 2011. Every time a student shares an excellent worksheet, study guide, or practice exam, I’ve saved them and added the files to a resource vault. *Student must meet 1x/week to access these resources*

❓Follow-up emails

This is extremely rare, but if there are any questions I can’t instantly answer during our tutoring session, I will send you a follow-up email with a detailed explanation of that question. This guarantees that you’ll get all your confusion clarified.

🧠 Learn how to study smart

I will teach you a study system that allows you to get better grades while studying less. I used the same system to get a 3.93 GPA at UC Berkeley while only studying for 2 hours a day

🎯 Personalized tutoring to attack your struggles
I pinpoint your area of struggle, whether that is comprehension, application, test anxiety, or seeing a problem and having no idea  which concept to use. Then I work with you to fix your specific struggle areas, with ultimate goal of improving your grades.

💡Systematized problem solving mastery

Instead of just focusing on memorize procedures, I will teach you a systematic way to deconstruct chemistry problems so you have a process for figuring out how to solve any problems, even ones you’ve seen before.

✏️ Step-by-step assistance on homework

I will lay out all the steps in an easy-to-follow format so that you can breeze through the homework while understanding it so well that you can explain the material to a friend in need.

🔥 Engaging and dynamic tutoring sessions
My tutoring sessions are highly interactive, designed to fully engage you in the learning process. Students often find themselves deeply immersed, reaching a state of ‘flow’ where they are actively participating and absorbing information effortlessly.

There are other tutors out there. What makes Michael different?

Specialized Chemistry


Unlike other tutors who teach every subject imaginable, I ONLY tutor chemistry. What this means for you is that I can explain concepts in multiple ways until you “get it”. With over 4000 hours of chemistry tutoring under my belt, you can be confident that I will be able to answer any questions you ask. I have helped students with problems ranging from those who were so far behind they didn’t know where to start to those who just couldn’t make the jump for a B to an A. And I can help you reach your goal, whatever they may be.

Guidance Beyond


I don’t focus solely on comprehension of the class material. Acing the class involves more than just understanding the material. Sure comprehension is important, but if you can’t apply the material, then your grade will suffer. If you can’t deconstruct a problem, and figure out which concept to use, your grade will plummet. If you can’t select the right answer among answers that all sound somewhat correct, your grade will drop. Etc. I help you improve on all these areas so that when the exam comes around, you’ll be ready to rock it.

Learn How to Study


I won’t just teach you chemistry. I will also teach you a study system that maximizes your efficiency so you finish your homework faster. Using this system, you’ll be able study less while still get good grades. Personally I used this study system at UC Berkeley and it allowed me to get a 3.93 GPA while only studying for two hours a day. This system is extremely easy to implement and it will help you get higher grades in high school and in college. Most tutors don’t even teach you basic study skills.

What You Can Expect From Tutoring with Michael

These are the tangible benefits you will experience after each tutoring session

⚛️ Deep comprehension of the concepts

You will feel like you truly understand the material, and that you’re just not memorizing facts and equations. You will understand the “why” behind each concept and equation. In fact, you will understand the material so well that you will be able to explain the material to a friend. That is the ultimate measure of understanding.

🚀 Supercharged Progress

My tutoring sessions are extremely efficient. We will finish all the homework, labs, and assignments that you want to complete. In fact, my students finish all their work with time to spare and then we do extra practice problems afterwards. You will feel like you’ve done 3 hours worth of work in just one hour together.

📝 Beautiful Detailed Notes

Immediately after each tutoring session, you will receive the notes of everything we’ve covered during our session. All the notes will be saved in one central location so you can easily access them when you’re studying for exams. Many students have noted that the notes are organized and aesthetically pleasing.

💪 Rock solid confidence to do well in Chemistry

Because you grasp the material so well, you will a sense of confidence that you haven’t felt before in Chemistry. You will no longer doubt yourself. Instead, you trust that you know what you’re doing and you’ll walk into exams with complete confidence.

✨ Sense of Clarity and Calm

You will leave each session feeling that you have made significant progress, that you are on the right path, and that you know what’s next. I will recommend you specific steps to take after each session and give you a personalized study plan. Of course, all this is optional, but the students who follow through are often the ones who achieve exceptional results.

📔 Expert Test Preparation

As your exams roll around, we will shift our focus to properly preparing for the exams. This will involve reviewing the core concepts, practicing solving exam level questions with instant feedback, and creating a study plan. After the session, you will receive extra practice exams with step-by-step solutions.

How does online tutoring work?

  1. Contact me at [email protected] to set up a date and time
  2. I tutor through Zoom. If you don’t already have it, download Zoom
  3. I’ll send you a Paypal invoice which you can pay before tutoring with a Paypal account or credit card. I can also charge you on Venmo.
  4. After I receive the payment, I’ll send you a link that you’ll click on at the scheduled meeting time to connect via Zoom
  5. Before we meet, you’ll have to send me a pdf, files, or picture of the problems you want to go over to my email. You can use your phone to take the pictures.
  6. During our sessions, I will go over concepts / problems on an online collaborative whiteboard. You’ll be able to see what I write in real time. You can also write on the whiteboard.
  7. After our sessions, I will send you the notes containing everything we went over.
  8. If there is any question I was unable to answer during the session, I’ll send you a full detailed explanation within 6 hours. 

Online Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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