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Meet Michael



UC Berkeley alum: 3.93 GPA

Specialized Chemistry Tutor

Specialized Chemistry Tutor

It’s the only subject I teach

Years Tutoring Chemistry

Years Tutoring Chemistry

11 years since 2011

Hi I’m Michael!

I’m the person behind Conquer Chemistry and a specialized chemistry tutor located in the San Francisco bay area.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2013 with a degree in integrative biology. 

Tutoring started out as a hobby since I love chemistry and a bunch of my friends kept telling me, “You should start teaching other students. You make chemistry so simple to understand.” I loved teaching so much that I kept doing it even after I graduated. I enjoy seeing the joy in my student’s face when they finally understand a complex concept. I enjoy helping my students improve their grades from C/D’s up to A/B’s. Lastly, I enjoy showing my students they too can achieve something that seems so insurmountable: conquering chemistry. 

I love 1-on-1 tutoring, but I am only able to help so many students in the time I have. I created this website so that I can help way more students do well in chemistry. Chemistry is difficult for many students but it doesn’t have to be that way. I am here to simplify chemistry and put it into layman terms that you can easily understand. 

When I’m not at work, you can find me exploring hiking trails, watching NBA basketball, or grubbing on good food.

My Tutoring Philosphy

Many students struggle with chemistry and think that it’s a subject they’ll never get. They think that no matter how much time and effort they put into the class, they still won’t do well in chemistry.

I don’t buy that. I believe that every student can excel and do well in chemistry with the right guidance. If you are doing the right things, then the results will come. 


This is how I approach tutoring:

Ask questions to understand your situation

Pinpoint your exact area of weakness

Address your specific weakness 

Explain concepts personalized to your learning style

Immediately apply concepts to problems and teach you how to deconstruct problems

There are other tutors out there. What makes Michael different?

Specialized Chemistry


Unlike other tutors who teach every subject imaginable, I ONLY tutor chemistry. What this means for you is that I can explain concepts in multiple ways until you “get it”. With over 4000 hours of chemistry tutoring under my belt, you can be confident that I will be able to answer any questions you ask. I have helped students with problems ranging from those who were so far behind they didn’t know where to start to those who just couldn’t make the jump for a B to an A. And I can help you reach your goal, whatever they may be.

Guidance Beyond


I don’t focus solely on comprehension of the class material. Acing the class involves more than just understanding the material. Sure comprehension is important, but if you can’t apply the material, then your grade will suffer. If you can’t deconstruct a problem, and figure out which concept to use, your grade will plummet. If you can’t select the right answer among answers that all sound somewhat correct, your grade will drop. Etc. I help you improve on all these areas so that when the exam comes around, you’ll be ready to rock it. 

Learn How to Study


I won’t just teach you chemistry. I will also teach you a study system that maximizes your efficiency so you finish your homework faster. Using this system, you’ll be able study less while still get good grades. Personally I used this study system at UC Berkeley and it allowed me to get a 3.93 GPA while only studying for two hours a day. This system is extremely easy to implement and it will help you get higher grades in high school and in college. Most tutors don’t even teach you basic study skills.